FDD Geräuschgedämpfte Doppelbremse


Silent double brake
2x3,5-2x1200 Nm
Brake torque
IP 54
Protection class

Double brakes are used where there are high demands on safety. These two spring-loaded brakes, which act independently of one another, are ideally suited for use in theater construction due to their special noise dampening. This redundant system was specially created for holding purposes. The type test according to EN 81 and BVG C1 for elevator brakes is available.

Frequently used in these industries

Noise-optimized brakes are used in theater applications to guarantee absolute safety for man and machine according to the 'fail-safe principle'.

Magnetbremsen / Federdruckbremsen für Bühnentechnik


Size Braking torque
Outer diameter
08 2x6 89 82,6
10 2x12,5 109 102,4
13 2x25 135 115,2
15 2x50 155 129,6
17 2x75 175 150,6
20 2x125 201 171,8
23 2x187 231 190,6
26 2x300 264 208,8
30 2x500 312 220
40 2x1200 408 259,2

Maße in der Tabelle [mm]
* Toleranzen der Bremsmomente, S. Betriebs- und Montageanleitung
** Passfedernut nach DIN 6885 Bl.1
Haltebremsen = Standardbremsmoment Mb * 1,5
Einbaulage der Nabe nach Betriebs- und Montageanleitung

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  • Microswitch for function control
  • Sensor for function control
  • Friction plate or mounting flange

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