Application solutions

Application solutions for spring-applied electromagnetic brakes

Since 1981, Precima Magnettechnik has specialized in the development and manufacture of application-oriented spring-applied and magnetic brakes.

Customer satisfaction comes first at Precima. If our product portfolio does not meet customer requirements, we modify brakes from our standard range to customer specifications or develop new solutions.

Our modern CNC production enables us to manufacture the majority of our components ourselves and to monitor and control all production processes. This gives us maximum flexibility and the opportunity to incorporate changes or customer requests directly into the product.

Our goal is to offer specific system solutions and to meet the technical requirements of our customers. This enables us to create competitive products in terms of quality and costs in Germany.

Application-oriented solutions for:

  • Floor conveyor
  • Wind energy (pitch or azimuth)
  • Textile machinery
  • Elevators
  • Medical technology
  • Stairlifts and electric wheelchairs
  • Cranes on ships and oil rigs for offshore applications
  • Crane systems
  • Electromobility
  • High-speed doors
  • Event and stage technology
  • etc.