Wind turbines

Electromagnetic spring applied brakes for wind turbines

FDB/FDW brakes for pitch and azimuth drives

Braking torques from 40-100 Nm

  • Specially developed magnet housing, guarantee highest efficiency and quality.
  • Completely sealed brake with protection class IP 66 / CCV version down to -40° C (only FDW)
  • Application-optimized friction material
  • Precise centering possible via the outside or inside diameter


  • Tapped holes for encoder attachment
  • Inductive proximity switches for function or wear control
  • Integrated heating
  • Temperature sensor

Frequently used products

Robust working or holding brake
2-1500 Nm
IP 54/55
  • Available in 10 sizes
  • Braking torque optionally fixed or adjustable
  • Extensive add-on/design options
Dust- and waterproof brake
2-600 Nm
IP 66
  • Available in 10 sizes
  • Sealed
  • Robust industrial brake
  • Use outdoors or in an aggressive environment
  • Easy to assemble

Application-oriented development

Whether modified products from our standard program or completely new developments, we have the ideal solution for you.