Precima Gleichrichter für den Betrieb von Federkraftbremsen


Half- wave and bridge rectifiers

Direct current is required to operate the PRECIMA spring-applied brakes. 
If required, we therefore supply suitable rectifiers according to your requirements.

Direct current can be provided by:

  • Direct supply (battery, DC mains, etc.)
  • Half-wave or bridge rectifier
  • Fast excitation rectifier 

Our types and designations:

  • PMB – bridge rectifier
  • PMBAF – bridge rectifier with overvoltage protection and cage clamp:
    The bridge rectifier generates an optimal DC voltage and is available for AC or DC switching.
  • PME – half-wave rectifier
  • PMEA – half-wave rectifier with overvoltage protection
  • PMEAF – half-wave rectifier with overvoltage protection and cage clamp:
    The half-wave rectifier halves the required coil voltage, is inexpensive and can be supplied for AC or DC switching.
  • PMG – fast excitation rectifier:
    The fast excitation rectifier is recommended where short ventilation times and low power losses are required.
    It combines the advantages of half-wave and bridge rectifiers.
  • PMGU – fast excitation rectifier with quick shutdown:
    The fast excitation rectifier expands the range of functions of the
    Standard PMG rectifier for fast shutdown and the Setting the overexcitation time (variant dependent).
  • PMRU – quick shutdown device:
    The rapid shutdown device is used in addition to a rectifier to achieve faster brake application.
  • PMS – current detection relay:
    The current detection relay is used to switch the spring-applied brake on the DC side if there is no neutral conductor to the motor. 

Application-oriented development

Whether modified products from our standard program or completely new developments, we have the ideal solution for you.

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