Precima Gleichrichter für den Betrieb von Federkraftbremsen


Half- wave and bridge rectifiers
  • PMB = Bridge Rectifier
  • PME = Half-Wave Rectifier
  • PMEA = Half- Wave Rectifier with protection against overvoltage
  • PMG = Fast Response Rectifier
These compactmodules have been aspecially designed to be fitted into the terminal boxes of electric-motors.

The PME half wave rectifier which halves the supply voltage is the most cost effective.

The PMB full wave bridge rectifier produces a smooth DC voltage (95% of the supply voltage).
Both rectifiers are available for switching on AC or DC side.
Varistors in the input and output protect the rectifiers from surge voltage.
The PMG fast excitation rectifieris recommended whenever short release times or low dissipation is required. It combines the benefits of the half wave and bridge rectifiers.

Rectifier selection

Transformer rectifier

Down-transformed voltages are not problematic. Robust coils, small inductances result in short switching times.

Half-wave and bridge rectifiers

These compact components are particularly suitable for use on electric motors due to their installation in the terminal box. The half-wave rectifier halves the required coil voltage and is
is more cost-effective. The bridge rectifier generates an optimum DC voltage. Both types of rectifiers are available for AC or DC switching. The rectifiers are protected against overvoltage by varistors in the input and output.

Fast switching rectifier PMG

This rectifier is recommended when short release times or low power losses are required. It combines the advantages of the half-wave and bridge rectifier.

Current sensing relay PMS

The PRECIMA current sensing relays are used to switch the spring-applied brake on the DC side in the absence of a neutral conductor to the motor.

Application-oriented development

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