FDS Gekapselte Haltebremse


Encapsulated holding brake
3-30 Nm
Brake torque
IP 65
Protection class

The FDS series is the solution for areas of application in which the brake must be protected from external influences such as dirt, dust or moisture. Thanks to the magnet housing specially manufactured by Precima, the brake offers an optimized range of performance as a holding brake with emergency stop function, despite its compact and cost-effective design.


Size Braking torque
Outer diameter
08 5 89 31,5
10 10 109 31,5
13 20 134 39,5

Maße in der Tabelle [mm]
* Toleranzen der Bremsmomente, S. Betriebs- und Montageanleitung
** Passfedernut nach DIN 6885 Bl.1
Haltebremsen = Standardbremsmoment Mb * 1,5
Einbaulage der Nabe nach Betriebs- und Montageanleitung

Application-oriented development

Whether modified products from our standard program or completely new developments, we have the ideal solution for you.


  • Manual hand release
  • Mounting flange
  • Sealing cap
  • Cover cap

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